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if the sun doesnt shine, you'll be just fine.

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10/30/07 09:30 pm

its been awhile since ive written anything here.
i've been pretty busy, all the hw i put off at the beginning of the semester is finally starting to be due so thats taking up some time.

i also feel like i'm trying to juggle to groups of friends, neither of which want anything to do with the other and thats frustrating and inconvenient for me. i really like hanging out with my girls and i love my roommate, i wish they could all get along.

my weekends have been pretty typical, homework, working out, and some sort of partying i suppose. mostly we go out to the bar but two weekends ago i went home to indiana with the roommate. i always chuckle a little when i go down there, its so different from what i'm used to, even more so than chicagoland.

tomorrow for halloween i was told today that we're all dressing up like burritos and going to chipotle and getting free burritos...sounds good to me since i missed out on my free taco today, i was just too tired to drive to taco bell for one taco. tomorrow night i'm either going to the haunted house that the boys side of my dorm puts on or dressing up and going to doc ryans...either sounds fun to me.

im much too tired to ramble anymore because i feel like i could go on forever if i let myself. instead, i think i'm going to go lay down and watch some LA ink. i'll leave you with a few pictures.

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3/19/07 08:25 pm - you really dont matter that much.

the thing is, there really arent many people here at school who give a shit about me. and you know what? it makes me a little sad, but i have so much that these people dont have. because really what have they achieved? meaningless friendships sustained by alcohol and petty conversation that will disolve after a few years or maybe even less time? congrats.

i, however, do have lots of people who love me, and who will for a long time. they're not here, but they would be if they could.

-my family who will always be there for me, no matter what. even without being here, they still make me feel more special than most anyone else could on my birthday.
-my boyfriend, kyle adam simon, who always picks up his phone and listens when i call him crying because someone else has let me down. if he could, he'd come here everyday just to give me a hug.
-holly grace mulherin. not many adults have had friends for 12 years and i'm blessed to have her in my life. no matter how many miles we are apart, we will always love each other. ithaca, summer 2007 will be epic!!
-mark williams. my darling, i hope you can come up here this weekend, things will rule if you do. :) i dont really understand how we became friends, i'm just glad that we did, its been two years, can you believe it??
-my six oh three friends. i'm sure we will love each other always and have reunions and reminisce about things like the time we got drunk at kegglers den and went bowling over easter break 2007. :)
-kelly, we can always talk about anything. i cant wait to see you and spend time with your this summer. i think we're going to get real close again, at least, i hope so. i cant wait to be in your wedding!
-mr. aaron hawn, you are my saving grace on my birthday. thank you so much for going out with me tomorrow night, i think the day might have ended up being a total bust without you. you are such a kind person. :)
-and matt. i know you wont be around next year, and we kind of just met, but i've never really met anyone who cared so much about others (even though you sometimes try and act like you dont). you hugging me today was just what i needed, i truly appreciate it.

thats got to be AT LEAST 25 people without even thinking too hard. and i've met so many people on my travels lately who have welcomed me with open arms and who have genuinely seemed to like me.

concordia university, you are temporary. lots of shitty things happened here, but none of it will break me. i've had some shitty luck, but i'm going to get through it. there was life before you, and there will be life after you, i'll take the important things and people from this part of my life with me and leave everything else behind me. i say, whatever to you CUC.

3/3/07 06:40 pm

so i'm home and its great.
getting here yesterday suuuuuucked. my flight was delayed because the plane got stuck in omaha so we didnt leave until 8:30 and we were supposed to leave at 6:40. it sucked even more because my plane had to go to baltimore before NH so it was like the longest ride ever.

i finally got to manchester around 12:30 and we got to my house around 1:15 AM, i think. needless to say, i was exhausted. i slept until mom woke me up at like 10:30 this morning.

today me and mom went to the museum of fine arts in boston. i took lots of pictures of paintings that i can use maybe in a lesson or for projects when i start teaching. i'm sure i can use them for a lesson plan for art methods too. when i got home jeff called me and i met him and griff and crystal up at friendlys for icecream.

my family just finished dinner and i'm exhausted again.
i was thinking about going to boston tomorrow but i just dont know if i have the energy. we'll see. <3

2/23/07 08:03 am

i reaaaalllly want to see mommy, daddy, daniel, kyle, boston people, nashua people, and i dont want to wait anymore.


2/17/07 11:14 pm

tattoo? something like this maybe??
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2/5/07 05:13 pm

i got bored today and planned my wedding, which is retarded considering i have no boyfriend or even anything like a boyfriend, but it was fun. lolz.

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2/4/07 04:47 pm

i think i'm ready to go home.
i tried this and it didnt work.
IL has reciprocity for teachers with MA and NH.

that is all.

2/1/07 11:25 am

i'm going to stop eating like a pig and i'm going to start working out again.
thats all.

1/21/07 12:44 pm

this one's for my girl.

what liz and lora want boys to know:
1. if you say you're going to call, CALL.
2. if we call you, pick up your phone. if you're busy, just text us and tell us so.
3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
4. don't say things about to your friends that you wouldnt say to us. we will find out.
5. dont call us clingy. if you didnt want to hang out with us, just tell us. if you want us to stop calling, pick up your phone.
6. to us, "i'll call you later," doesn't mean eight hours later.
7. please dont kiss and tell. if you must tell, dont tell everyone, twice.
8. dont expect us to be ok with you making out with the whole campus. (see #3)
9. when we ask you to hang out, we dont have any alterior motives, we just want to hang out!

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1/16/07 11:52 pm


we'll make this work out somehow.
for now though, i'm just going to be happy and not worry about it.
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